The Trois Akademie enters into a cooperation with the prominent agency Sports360.
Player advisors play a central role in soccer transfers. Player advisors are first and foremost managers. Just like a club manager, a player consultant takes care of soccer transfers. In contrast to the club manager, however, a player advisor takes care of the needs of individual athletes. Player advisors are responsible for the career planning of their clients. For this purpose, they look for the right club for their player, negotiate the player contract with the club and try to negotiate sponsorship contracts for their player. Furthermore, they are responsible for the media appearance of their player, arrange interviews and organize the social media channels of their clients. In the following text you will get some basic information about the profession of a player advisor. Without claiming to be complete, we have compiled the information for you from the links below. We are looking forward to working with one of the strongest and most informative agencies in Germany in order to provide the best possible service to players.

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